I started Cut "N" Create when my husband and I were looking for our own wedding favors. It seemed everywhere we looked, it was the same ol' thing and we were looking for something unique! There weren't many options for people to be able to choose the wedding favors THEY wanted, such as colours and style. Why couldn't I purchase something that gave me these options? Well....that's when my brain started going crazy!!! Why not open my own business and offer people the type of service that I was looking for?

After a lot of research, gathering supplies, talking with other small business owners etc, I decided it was time to open shop! Talk about such an exciting time in my life! 

I know from experience, that customer service now a days has truly gone down hill. I wanted to offer personalized customer service and that's exactly what I did! I truly care about my client's experiences and I want them to be just as happy as I would want to be!!

I think it's so important to give people the options to choose what THEY want! THEY decide the favors style and favor colours to match THEIR décor. Why settle for anything less? Whether it's your wedding, bridal shower, birthday or even corporate event......everyone has a vision and I help that vision come to life!

With my clients, it all starts with a simple email or phone call. When someone contacts me, I go over some simple details such as what type of event is it, the colours needed, is there a theme to match your décor, and of course their vision of what they would like to see! At times it takes only a couple days and other times it can take a week until we work together to create that something special, just like they envisioned.

The experiences that I have had with my clients are simply wonderful! I have been told on numerous occasions "I'm so happy that I have found you!" and it brings me such joy to hear just how happy they are! It means that I have accomplished exactly what I set out to do!

It gives me such pleasure to meet and work with so many amazing people and it's truly an honour to be a part of someone's special day. One of my favorite things is seeing the final product. Whether the favors are on the tables at weddings or they are used for décor, talk about a feeling of accomplishment! I'm truly blessed to be able to get up every day, work with amazing people and best of all, I'm getting to use my creativity every day which I LOVE to do!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I truly hope that I will get the opportunity to hear from you and help your ideas come to life!

Elizabeth Troniak Moloyannis

Owner ~ Cut "N" Create, London, ON, Canada

Website ~ www.cutncreate.com

Facebook ~ http:facebook.com/CutnCreate

Etsy ~ www.CutNCreateCanada.etsy.com

Email ~ info@cutncreate.com

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